The next SecAppDev course will be held at the Faculty Club, Leuven, from February 23rd to 27th 2015.

SecAppDev courses are run by, a non-profit organization that aims to broaden security awareness in the development community and advance secure software engineering practices. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Solvay Brussels School  of Economics and Management are founding partners.

When we ran our first annual course in 2005, emphasis was on awareness and security basics, but as the field matured and a thriving security training market developed, we felt it was not appropriate to compete as a non-profit organization. Our focus has hence shifted to providing a platform for leading-edge and experimental material from thought leaders in academia and industry. We look toward academics to provide research results that are ready to break into the mainstream and attract people with an industrial background to try out new content and formats.

To succeed in our mission to raise the bar for software security, we believe in giving the broadest possible access to quality information. We distribute course handouts via this web site as well as recordings of lectures up to 2012. Recordings of the courses since 2013 are to be found on our YouTube channel.

We do not target security experts nor developers of security products, but rather developers whose main focus not being security, nonetheless need to be sufficiently security-savvy to deliver reliable applications.

We believe that learning requires active engagement with the topic. We therefore promote interactivity, both in the classroom as well as outside - the courses are run in the inspiring surroundings of an outstanding béguinage in Leuven, and we have a well-attended social program.

Experiential learning sessions, including hands-on sessions and workshops, have been a much appreciated addition of the last couple of years.


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